Last month: Vampires

Last month 3 incredible artists responded to your Vampires…


Bethany Rose

There are drains stamped over our bodies:

Like open mouths with sharp teeth and no faces-

Our demons dance in the tight wet spaces

Between the pipes and the holding-

Between you, and our unfolding:

And how each day we have to learn how to forgive it all

And to believe in life despite and in spite of it all-

Our bodies are bath tubs and rivers and pools-

Thirsty ground waiting for the raindrops to fall:

Empty on the days that we need to swim;

Full on the days we need the light to come in

There isn’t much difference between fakeness and tenderness-

Not much difference between emptiness and heaviness-

Whatever fills you up feels the same-

Then there you are recharging me- again and again-

And I plug myself in- back in the game-

Then it’s back to fullness and then drain, fullness and drain

It is a cycle that repeats again and again

We are overwhelmed- we are glitter and pressure building-

We are censored and battered; our bodies slowly yielding 

To the ache: it swallows us whole-

It is glitter burning from the inside out:

We are only bottled energy wrapped tightly up in skin-

And skin is such a thin thing- that’s how the darkness gets in

And out:

We are told our forest fires are trivial and small-

We are told to get on with it and to see the good in it all-

But on the days where the blue renders all meaning cryptic-

We are our own plug being pulled; our worst inner critic-

Even the seasons become dysphoric; 

our need to rise again is prehistoric-

Autumn is coming and has drenched the green in gold but

But I have been told that

things this bright can only be dying;

Things this bright remind you that the show is nearly over-

Colour precedes absence- a goodbye supernova-

And the bath is so full

That one movement more and it

Will empty itself with such violence

That the ceilings will cave in and all of you will remember

That even drains 



And my one leads back

To you.


Katherine Mcdermid-smith


Georgie J White

"I took the footage the days before I gave birth when I had so much pent up energy and frustration. I was done being pregnant and just wanted to kick start labour. All the stories I read suggested spoke to me about frustration and resentment for their current situation, craving a change, and taking control of something. Many of them talked about using up energy, getting their creativity out in dance, song or music, and so that is what I did. I wanted to create a piece that looked like a home video of me dancing in my bedroom, alone, with no care in the world, and with nobody watching. I really went for it and easily got carried away, enjoying the release of energy and giving it my all. It was great to feel expressive with my body after feeling so heavily pregnant and sluggish. I thought about all those times that people have treated me as if I have a disability during pregnancy, and everyone who told me to rest, put my feet up and even, not to do anything at all, just sit and wait for baby to come. Going from being a very active, fit, creative person, to someone who was being told to take it easy, sit at home, not doing anything was very frustrating. Of course I needed to change the speed I did things and my life style a little, but staying active during pregnancy was a priority for me, and I don't think we see enough positive representation of this. Every pregnancy is different, and I was very fortunate to have a very straight forward one where I could still go to the gym, go swimming, dance classes etc, I just had to adapt. 

I felt I could relate to a lot of the frustrations in the stories, being sucked of energy by the world around you. What was great was to read that everyone knew how to get their energy back, how they needed to respond to what the world throws at them. It is important to remember that we can choose how to respond to something, and taking control of our emotions can reduce the risk of pain. Adapting, adjusting, and accommodating for your feelings is so important. To check-in with yourself and ask 'How do I wish to handle this, and what is going to be good for me?'.

The music choosen is a little joke, a theme in the last few weeks and a song that my husband and I sang to encourage the baby to 'Get Get Down' and come out.

Additionally, I have added clips from labour inducing exercise videos that I used in the last few weeks to encourage the baby to arrive. He didn't, and took his sweet time being 2 weeks over due. The majority of the exercises are about squatting and bouncing for long periods of time, which I did a lot of. But it was keeping my mind active that I found so important. 

Anyway, my baby is here now and it seems very strange looking at this footage now. It was all worth it and reminds me that you have to always keeping going for what you want in life!"