... Here I welcome you to my Sanctuary. The only issue's that I cannot leave...



Here I welcome you to my Sanctuary.

The only issue's that I cannot leave.

I have safety nets for my dragonflies -

When they fall easier to categorise.

And my nightingales, well, 

They guard the door

(In case I forget to sing what with you being here)

Being here, in the house I made

But not being there to hear the sounds of your own motorcades.

But didn't we give up our time?


As I beckon you through the falling leaves,

I am spun up and sewn in my tapestry

And unravelling as you step inside

I will watch from the walls with my woven eyes.

Believing the threads you have left - 

Perhaps they can sit in a jar on my shelf?

Because you being here is much more for me than it is for you 

For you

For you

But didn't we give up our time?

And maybe one day we'll return.



Pretty pretty thing, she's the most pretty thing that's ever looked at you.

Funny, warm and smart - she leaves the men to catch their breath before congratulating you.

Eyes that bore into you

A smile that melts you into

However she wants she's

Got you where she wants she

Wants but never needs she

Knows what she could be she

Needs a heart to make her real.

Pretty pretty thing, she's the paradigm of everything you ought to love

And why shouldn't you? 

When she makes you feel like you're the only boy in the room?

But duty bound you feel the

Need to plug the holes she

Oozes sex appeal from

Blind the eyes of those who

Want to steal her from you

And hope that she won't leave but

She needs a heart to make her real.

I am not involved

With the race you started with yourself

Or who you love.

I am not ashamed that I never asked you for anything

Except your love.

Never did not call you

Never fucked around I

Never lied to you I

Never locked you out I

Never shut you in I

Just never was that girl

But she'll need a heart to make her real.


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Do you love it when my hips sway?

Do you love it when I let you win?

Do you love it when my lips say

That they want you and invite you in?

'Cause I could be your notebook today,

You could draw on my white page

And I could be your chalk-less slate,

You could illustrate your headspace.

But this is not a safe space

This is not the space to dive right in.

This is not the kind of safe place

That I can tell you what a mess I'm in.

'Cause I could be all charming today -

Charisma on my best face

And I could be all happy today,

Give my doll eyes their best glaze

But this isn't me

This isn't me

I am balanced out by my mediocrity 

But you read me on the front page

And you disregard the other pages.

This isn't me

This half of me,

I am made of more if you really want to see
But you draw me in your own way

And all you can see is ink and painting.

Would you love me on a Sunday?

Makeup off of my bare skin?

Would you love me on a bad day?

Would you love me every state I'm in

'Cause I am not performing today,

No, it's not that kind of day,

And I will likely hide me away

Where I can't be your Marilyn.