“She rips open Autumn's gag & says "What do you mean you're Autumn and without you there'd be no spring! you fool! without spring, there'd be no you! what do you think of that?” - Highway One 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan.

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ABout autumnmusic

Pretty extraordinary” – Tom Robinson

“Patiently constructed songwriting dappled in shades of electronics” - Clash

Singer-songwriter Autumnmusic, AKA Rosi Croom, follows up impassioned debut EP ‘Dreams&Fears’ with ambitious debut album ‘Mythology’.

Behind the scenes Rosi has established herself as a formidable artistic talent, gaining a sync with Harvey Nichols and collaborating with American music producer Mark Endert, whose impressive discography has seen him work on Madonna’s Grammy Award winning album ‘Ray of Light’, as well as collaborating on numerous projects with Maroon 5, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Most recently, Rosi has worked as a choral arranger for Stu Larsen and American singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop, continuously diversifying her musical career. Her elusive artistry is picking up recognition across the country, winning her 4 awards at The UK Song Writing Contest, as well as support from Clash and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

When not working on her solo project, Autumnmusic, Rosi sings and arranges for London Contemporary Voices.

a note from rosi Croom on her debut album/ project,‘mythology’.

Mythology will be a crowd sourced musical album and anthology of stories celebrating the power, colour and vulnerability of women/HUMANS everywhere. Using my own 12 songs as monthly chapter headers, I will reach out to people - TO YOU - to share your own experiences. I will then weave these into the music and accompanying artwork, collaborating with visual artists, poets and musicians to make a truly communal body of work.

I can’t write just for myself at the moment. I’m too hounded by the idea of writing for the listener not just for yourself. Before you disagree… I do get it; the deeper you can explore your own depths, the more likely you’ll find a universal truth that someone else can relate to. I respect that and I believe it too to a great extent. But say we forget about this for a second - how on earth do you manage to write FOR other people? The truth is I don’t think it’s possible without a) losing humility in the assumption that you can or b) without sacrificing your own unique and equally beautiful perspective on the world. That’s why I’ve set out to write my album in conjunction WITH other people.

I hope you like it and want to support it. Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time through the links below or by submitting a story.

Thanks so much and take care of your lovely self!

Rosi xx