Welcome to Mythology!

Hey, how are you? I’m Rosi and I’m making the first (potentially) crowd sourced album using stories from humans all over the world.

You can be part of it below and find out why on earth I’m doing it on the ABOUT page above.

Chapter 1: Marilyn

Have you ever felt unfairly judged by your appearance? Marilyn Monroe did. She was allegedly always asked to play dramatic, intellectual roles but was always laughed at and further pigeonholed into her ‘bombshell’ persona the more she tried. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been judged by your outer self or that people are only taking you at face value then please share your story below. You can be anonymous if you like and it can be as long or as short as you like. All stories will be integrated into each song on the 'Mythology' album and into a giant anthology of poetry, stories, drawings and photography. You can see more stories below this box too!

Submissions for this chapter end on Thursday 5th October.

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Really anything you like below, long, short, boring, crazy. Well written, bullet points... whatever! It's all great. Feel free to speak your truth!