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Hey, how are you? I’m Rosi and I’m making the first (potentially) crowd sourced album using stories from humans all over the world.

 Me, Rosi Croom

Me, Rosi Croom

I want to hear your story! See other’s below.

(Submissions for this chapter have ended BUT next one will open up on October 26th. You can still get in touch below though no problem.)

Chapter 1: Marilyn

Have you ever felt unfairly judged by your appearance? Marilyn Monroe did. She was allegedly always asked to play dramatic, intellectual roles but was always laughed at and further pigeonholed into her ‘bombshell’ persona the more she tried. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been judged by your outer self or that people are only taking you at face value then please share your story below. You can be anonymous if you like and it can be as long or as short as you like. All stories will be integrated into each song on the 'Mythology' album and into a giant anthology of poetry, stories, drawings and photography. You can see more stories below this box too!


Say hello to my next dear collaborator, photographer, Georgie White! Georgie has read all the stories that came in for ‘Chapter 1: Marilyn’ and this series of images above are her response ! They are called (in running order (Salt Not Pepper, Wrong End of Stick, Turn Your Back and If the Shoe Fits).

Georgie White

Georgie specialises in fine art photography. Previous projects have taken her to explore British folklore & traditions. In 2013 Georgie completed a Master's in History of Photography which influenced her recently completed series where she studied female clowns through photography.


I’m pleased to announce my 1st collaborator for the project - Calista Kazuko (beaut picture btw). Calista joined me this week to chat about Chapter 1 and her own experiences. LISTEN HERE.

Calista Kazuko

More about Calista:

Born into a bohemian family where music was the staple diet, Calista is the daughter of the late renowned violinist Paul Robertson. After studying piano at London's Royal Academy of Music, Calista has been performing and winning fans across the world with her dynamic voice and captivating songwriting.

Calista's explosive current EP, 'Project: Love Me', is the result of her recent collaboration with award winning film composer Guy Dagul. Her debut is an epic, cinematic collection of songs which takes you on a journey filled with passion, sophistication, man-eating and drama.

She is currently the Founder of VOICE OF AIKO who’s first campaign, PRESCRIPTION DREAMS, is being featured all over London’s news channels.

"An undoubted talent." ~ Sir George Martin


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